Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Day 69

Today's Challenge: Post a bucket list with at least 10 items on it. 

I actually do not have a bucket list, or at least nothing by that name. There are, of course, things I would like to get to do before I die. I guess that means I am writing my first bucket list today.

These items are not necessarily in order of importance. They are in the order my fingers typed them, which has absolutely no significance. Here goes:

kayak, alaska, bucket list
  1. Go to Alaska. I would rather move there, but I would certainly settle for a nice vacation.
  2. Buy a farm. A small one will do. 
  3. Write a novel. And finish it. Getting it published would be a bonus, but I really just want to write a complete novel.
  4. Tour the British Isles. Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales. Preferably with a literary itinerary.
  5. Have a relationship that lasts longer than a mouse lives (Admission: I borrowed this one from a friend's list...but it's good and it's applicable!)
  6. Go hunting. Preferably in Alaska. 
  7. Go kayaking. Also preferably in Alaska.
  8. Brush up on my French and give myself a reason to use it. Like a trip to France. (Gee, I guess I want to travel, huh?)
  9. Be the boss. Whether that means owning a business or running someone else's or not working at all. 
  10. Have the most awesome blog ever. The #1 blog in the world. With so many pageviews that the internet has trouble keeping up!
You know that was hard! It took a long time to write that list! I think I will have to start a separate savings account now, though, so that I can afford to do those things one day!


  1. I sense an Alaska theme, not just a travelling theme. :) Is there any particular reason, you want to go to Alaska?

  2. I have dreamed of Alaska since I was a little girl. I could tell you so many reasons I am fascinated, but no idea how it started :)