Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Day 10

Challenge: Cost aside, what piece of artwork would you have in your home?

I love Rosie the Riveter in the "We Can Do It" ad. I really feel like she's me. Looking at that picture fills me with a sense of pride. Ladies, we can do it! We can have jobs outside or inside the home, be great moms, be eco-friendly, be great gardeners, cook amazing foods, and more! 

More specifically, though, if cost were no obstacle, I would like to have the exact one pictured below with my daughter. It's made entirely of Jelly Belly jelly beans by a New York female artist whose name escapes me. The closer you get to this work of art, the more amazed you are with the detail! We saw an entire collection of this Jelly Belly art on display at the Greenville Children's Museum. My daughter immediately ran over and posed with this one so I guess she felt a connection, too. She's always been referred to as my tough chic. And my own mother has this picture all over her home. Like mother, like daughter, across the generations!

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  1. jelly belly jelly beans? haha.. this is my first time to know that there's such artwork.. nice2.. ^_~

  2. Oh, if you only lived closer! My University had an exhibit dedicated to the women of the war, and Rosie the Riveter (the woman in the jelly bean painting) - it was incredible!

    1. yes, i was drawing a blank on her name when i wrote the post. thanks shai! and yes, i wish i could have seen that!