Saturday, June 23, 2012

Will the FDA Stand Up to Monsanto?

More than 40 countries, including all of the EU, have laws that require mandatory labeling of all genetically  modified organisms, or GMOs. The United States still does not. Why?

For starters, Monsanto has friends in high places and money in the right pockets. Secondly, in states that have considered mandatory labeling, Monsanto has threatened to sue the state ( and they have the gumption and the money to do just that, as well as the track record to prove they could win). Third, the FDA is relying on outdated mandates to decide whether GMO food is inherently different from non-GMO food.

The only thing that will prevent Monsanto from continuing on the path they are on is the federal government. The FDA must require labeling in order for us to get it. 

Tell the director of the FDA that you want updated regulations and full disclosure of GMOs on all product labels across the United States. Visit to sign the petition that will be sent to him. Nearly 2 million Americans have signed already. You're next!

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  1. I've signed a while ago, I am appalled that Americans are not up in arms about being fed such poison! I find so few people that have a clue about what they are eating. I'm also out to change that on :)