Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Day 8

Today's Challenge: What is your favorite guilty pleasure (besides blogging)?

Oh my goodness, that would have to be either book-buying or puzzles. I'm not sure I can choose between them.

I love to buy books. I think it's great that I can get books at the library, but I go back to my books again and again the way my hubbie re-watches movies.  My Nook is all that saves me from going to green mama hell for wasting paper. I can now buy books without feeling guilty about the trees that were sacrificed for my addiction. And since Nook books cost less than paper books, I can feel a little less guilty about the money I spend, too! Unfortunately, I have a special weekness for antique books and Nook doesn't help with those!

Now about those puzzles. Not only do I print tons of them off of the internet and buy books of them at Barnes & Noble, I lose sleep working them! They cover my bedside table. And heaven forbid someone take my pencils! The whole house has to get in on the hunt to recover them so I can do my puzzles! I have an admission to make, in fact. There have been many nights that I used the flashlight feature on my phone to do puzzles because the lamp might wake my hubbie and then when he does roll over because of the light or movement in the wee hours of morning, I quickly hide my stuff by my side and pretend sleep! I don't want him to know that I stayed up so late just so I could finish a puzzle! Isn't that awful?

What guilty pleasures do you allow yourself to indulge?

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  1. I LOVE buying books too, but I prefer used book stores instead of B&N. I'm saving up to get a Kindle Fire, both for books and using it to browse the internet.

  2. I love books and real books at that. Although I do love my Kindle for reading when I'm nursing my daughter. It's easier to hold than a book!

  3. Books books and more books! I right there with ya' We gotta have something!


  4. I love books. I read all the time. I have a book club on facebook (tattered covers book club online), with a few friends who have moved to all over the nation. We chitchat about what we're reading, recommend books, and get together when we can.
    I read all the time, and since my husband is home, I can read during the day. Yesterday, Daughter asked me something, Husband had to poke me to get my attention. I snapped up and said, "Sorry, I was in Stockholm, trying to save Salander." He just looked at me like, "wow..."

  5. If you are buying used books (you mentioned antique ones ;) ), then you are still staying green. Those books have already been printed. What sucks is buying new books. I never buy new books. :)
    And I do prefer holding an actual book in my hand versus an ebook. But the ebooks are so convenient and you get immediate gratification with them. No waiting for the book to get shipped to you or hunting them down at a used book store. ;)

  6. I love books too! I've got bookshelves full and boxes and boxes all over the house. I've looked into the digital readers but there's something about a book that I love

  7. Hey fellow bookworms! I too love books :D I wish I have my own library.

  8. Reading a book... in the sun. :)