Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Day 9

Today's Challenge: Tell about a kitchen disaster you've had.
I had a kitchen disaster last week. I bought some Hebrew National hot dogs. Did you know that they are natural, only use the best cuts of beef (no innards, ooh) and actually have rabbis to I.spectra the beef to make sure it's kosher? No pink slime in these babies. Some whole wheat buns, and sauerkraut and I was ready for some kraut dogs for dinner.
Easy meal before baseball practice, right? Hmmm....
I put the dogs in a shallow pan of water to cook, covered them, and ran out to the garden. I wanted some sliced tomatoes to serve on the side, but I paused to pull a few weeds while I was there. Apparently I paused too long! When I came in, smoke was pouting from under the pan lid! This is what I found inside...

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