Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Day 6

Today's Challenge: Tell any nicknames you have and why you have them. 

I don't have a nickname. Is that odd?

Oh wait! I know!

I guess it does count that all of my nieces and nephews (except one) call me Lala! That's right, I'm Aunt Lala. When my niece was little, she stayed with me while her parents worked. When she started learning to talk, she called me Lala because she couldn't say Laura. It stuck! I had an older nephew at the time who already called me by my name, so he is the only one who doesn't say Lala now.

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  1. I think Lala is a cute nickname! I think the ones that little kids end up making for us are always the cutest ones!

  2. I loce it when Kids do nicknames! My kids used to call my little sister MiMi (her name is melissa but we always call her Melbe) she loved it and tried to keep it going as long as she could

    1. I call my son MiMi often. His name is Emilio and for some reason, as a small baby I would just call him MiMi. He's 13 months now.

  3. LaLa is what my brother called me when he was a kid. He couldn't say "Shayla". :)

  4. What a great aunt nickname! Cute story! Hopping over from the Summer Blog Challenge.