Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Day 4

Today's Challenge: Explain the meaning behind your blog's name.

Going Green with the Grizls

I can do that! Woohoo!

When I started this blog I was very frustrated with the way my family and I were living. We had succumbed to the life of the proverbial Jones'. We were so busy trying to do what everyone around us was doing that we lost track of who we are and what we believe. I was sick of it. So my husband and I made a decision to change our lifestyles and get back to the way we used to live, back when we lived by our own standards and to heck with the Jones'. Even better, we wanted to do more than we had ever done before. We wanted to slowly but surely convert our lifestyle to the one we both dreamed of.

And Mama started Making some Changes around here.

Today, just a few months into our changes, we are recycling nearly everything that can't be composted. Our garbage is only a fraction of what it was pre-blog. We are driving one car instead of two and hoping to trade it sometime in the near future for something more fuel efficient. We have our biggest garden ever and plans to expand it until our front yard is a grassy lawn no more. The kids are on board and my daughter has planted her own herbs and sunflowers. We have learned to eat healthier and eat whole foods. We've embraced local sustainable agriculture and businesses, and we've gotten more active.

And don't worry. Mama ain't done Making Changes yet.

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  1. I know what you mean. We have made a ton of changes, but barely touched the surface. I love the gradual change to a holistic, natural lifestyle. Thank you for sharing :-)

  2. "Silent Springs" is our hopeful response to Carson's "Silent Spring". It is one family's dedicated effort to make a difference. "The Organic Times" was fitting as it is time everyone moved to eating, wearing, and supporting orgaincs. It was a name we thought would be a fun play on all the News articles with "times" in the name.

  3. Good luck in your challenge! We are much happier not trying to keep up with the Jones'

  4. Great post! I live in a country where mums compete with each other over everything and the stress of feeling like I had to keep up was upsetting our family (I didnt ever buy anything, but I was feeling bad that my kids didnt have what others do)...its very easy to lose who you are and what is important. <3

    1. Yes, I think the hardest part is feeling like my kids might miss out on something that other kids have. But in the end I do think it's okay form them not to have every last little gadget and name brand label. The challenge is getting them to understand that! lol

  5. It is so impressive what you have accomplished. Great job! You are an inspiration.

  6. Thanks for all the encouragement!