Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Days 57 and 58

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I mean, I didn't blog at all yesterday. I have had some personal things going on and was feeling a bit overwhelmed yesterday. But today is a better day, so.... you get two posts in one! Yay!

Yesterday's Challenge: Write something about an alternative energy source.

Today's Challenge: Talk about the last time you "roughed it."

Well, first thing's first. Alternative energy is a topic about which I try to stay informed. I am not a very scientifically minded person, so technical details are for someone else. I like to know what alternatives are out there, what is available to us as individuals, what the world is doing to move in the right direction. I am never satisfied with the answers I find. The only reasonable alternative that is widely available is, of course, solar power. Still, solar panels are expensive. Prices have come down as different materials are used now and the panels can be produced for less, but they are still not affordable for the average American. One idea that I saw recently, however, may change that. Here's how it works: You decide to go totally solar. You purchase the solar panels and have them installed by the same company. They finance the panels for a price that is approximate to your monthly power bill, which you will no longer receive since you are now completely solar powered. When they are paid off you will officially have free power, and in the short run there is no added expense in your budget. If you are interested in finding more information on alternative energy sources, including wind energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, and more, I highly recommend The website is very informative without being overly scientific. Also check out the newest idea from Dow, solar shingles! Their facebook page is here:

Going Green with the GrizlsNow for today's topic, roughin' it. I used to love going hiking. I married a city boy and tried to convert him, but he drew a line after our first and only hiking trip together! I must admit, it didn't exactly go smoothly! It rained every day! We had one tent for five people and no other shelter. Fire was our only heat or cooking source, which meant trying to keep it going during the rain and having to search long and hard for something dry enough to burn. Our kids cried about the hiking part so that one had to be taken back down the mountain (although she did walk the whole time, up and down)  and the other young one made it to the top but had to be carried on the way down.The other two, thankfully, walked without too much complaint, even though they had to come down the mountain during a thunderstorm! Luckily I did have a tiny little air mattress (it was about 12" by 24" and 1" thick) that I planed to use as a pillow for my hubby and I to share. Because he hated having to lay on the hard ground, I had to give him the air mattress to lay on! The only saving grace was that the kids brought their portable video games, which kept them form complaining too much about all of the time they had to spend in the tent! Oh, did I mention we had the dog with us, too? And that she hates rain? I haven't been camping since because my husband says I have to go without him!


  1. That definitely doesn't sound like the funnest trip ever! I hate when it rains a lot when we are camping. It's fun for a day, maybe two, but after that it gets old real quick.

    1. You can read my roughing it trip here

  2. Oh my goodness! I can see why your husband doesn't like to 'rough it'